My father taught me to crochet when I was a small girl and I often pick up my needles and threads when I want some busyness for my fingers. In the last few years I have been playing around with sticks and stuffing and making small intricate sculptures and jewellery.

Rhino maquette two

4 Responses to CROCHET

  1. fabiola says:

    Amazing work! Would you share the rhino pattern?is my son favorite

    • Mikaela says:

      hello and thank you for kind comments. Sadly I don’t ever use a pattern for my crochet work so can’t share it but am happy to share my method. I use a basic single crochet stitch and alway work in a circular pattern so that the stitch remains homogeneous (not backwards and forwards if that makes sense) keeping that in mind I just start at one end of the shape I am planning and increase or decrease to get the shape I want. With the rhinos I made the back legs first, joined them then started the body from there, moving towards the front. and adding the front legs. I started the head from the nose up and then sewed it onto the body. I could have continued from the body to make the head but an increasing pattern is neater and sits better than a decreasing one. Add the horns ears and tail last. Hope that helps xxx Mikaela

  2. Claire Brittain says:

    A bit rude asking for the pattern. It’s an original artwork!
    I note there are no prices. What gallery represents you?

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