I am an artist, designer and writer and have been exhibiting my work in galleries and private exhibitions since 1990. I work with the medium of paper collage because I am fascinated by the extraordinary depth of colour and texture available and because of the degree of freedom that comes from treating recycled printed material as “Found objects”. I have worked in many genres including portraiture and still life, landscape and architecture inspired by trips both within Australia and overseas.

But wait there’s more…

I also work with textiles, crocheting intricate sculptures of animals and birds. My oversized crocheted crows won the Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2013 Sculpture Schoarship. My work East of The Mulberry Tree was exhibited at the Bondi 2013 Sculpture by the Sea and my life sized crocheted rhinoceros Gift of the Rhinoceros appeared on the beach in Cottesloe and Bondi 2014. I have spent my scholarship money on an exploratory trip to Burma to research family history and I am working on pieces for and upcoming exhibition based on this trip.


IMG_2878_2 IMG_1951

Learning To Fly: Lesson 1 landing in the drop zone

Learning To Fly: Lesson 1 landing in the drop zone

Mikaela Art images


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