Mikaela Castledine grew up in the unconventional house of an artist and a craftsman and so very naturally fell into art and making as a way of life. However, acceding to her mother’s determination that her children have something to fall back on, she acquired a  science degree at university instead of studying art, going on to study interior design and later completing a masters in writing and literature. These various areas of study, rather than diverting her attention from her art practice have instead fed into it and her work encompasses her interest in animal behaviour and architecture as well as nourishing her need for story.

Mikaela has worked as an artist since her late 20’s, expanding her practice to more seriously include sculpture in the last decade. Success with her 3D work, including winning the 2013 Sculpture Scholarship at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe, encouraged her to continue down this path and further prizes have followed. In 2016 she won the Sculpture Inside award at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe and was a finalist in the prestigious Bankwest Sculpture Prize. In 2018 she took out the Mandorla Art Prize, Australia’s most significant religious themed art prize as well as the people’s choice award with her work God is in the House.





6 Responses to ABOUT

  1. mark baxter says:

    Hi Mikaela, i missed your opening but Christine and i went yesterday and truly admired your work. Absolutely Fab……….Mark and Christine Baxter

    • Mikaela says:

      Thanks so much Mark. Pip told me you were on their gallery list so I was hoping you would get there. The opening was fabulous but not good for looking at the work! A good call going when it was quieter I think. xx

  2. Pauline Kennedy says:

    Hi Ho I found you lurking in cyberspace in this beautiful blog. You have been busy! Your writing is great Mikaela but I knew that when I copied your work in grade 3 with Sister Olivera.

    You make an interesting point about the importance of reading, I agree, reading is necessary and delightful, and opens a new world of opportunity. I don’t think it has yet united the world in peace, cured obesity or acne, or will be the panacea to society’s ills that the ‘luvvies’ at writer’s festivals like to think. But they would think that wouldn’t they. Perhaps I’m a tad tetchy these days but when a chance for a good discussion becomes a mutual love fest and back slapping I tend to get a little prickly.

    I am still at Vic Uni doing a Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries and having fun with the creative writing section of the course. Funny, I used to think writing was a snap, easy especially when there is so much crap around. Hmm, now it’s a different story…

    I put together a blog about my adventures last year and I wonder what you think? Find me at fridgepoet.wordpress.com

    All the best
    Pauline Kennedy

  3. Hello Mikaela, I love your work. Do you have an email address I could contact you on please? thank you, Irina

  4. Hi Mikaela, I love your work and I would like to send you information for an exhibition call for entries. Do you have an email address I can use to send it to you? thank you, Marie

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