Melville Art Awards 2015

Very excited to have been awarded the Judges Choice  in the Melville Art Awards 2015 for the work The Little Flour Mill – New Norcia. The work has been purchased by the City of Melville for their collection. Below are the judges comments from which I deduce I am not as simple as I look…

Judges Comments:

This work is exquisite in its simplicity. A subtle and effective use of collage and mixed media, a careful and exacting technique coming together to give a sense of drama, isolation and melancholy in the finished work, which in turn talks of rural/wheatbelt Western Australia in an eloquent and empathetic way. The work shows that while an artwork may appear simple, this doesn’t have to equate to it being simplistic.

The Little Flour Mill - New Norcia

The Little Flour Mill – New Norcia

This is the second prize I have been awarded this year the first being the Lions Club of Kalamunda 2015 First Prize for Hooded.




About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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