Art is a doing word

Kalamunda High School GATE Exhibition Opening 2013


Most people have the wrong idea about art. If you ask them what art is they would point to all this lovely work around us. But this is not the answer to the question.

All this lovely work is what happens when you DO Art.

To borrow a line from a Massive Attack song, Art should be a verb because Art is a doing word –  a product but a process

This exhibition is a testament to a year spent doing art for which you will find yourselves richer and stronger and braver than you were before. This has been a year in which you have spent at least some time being excited, satisfied, in control, fulfilled and powerful. This is not the case for every teenager and you and your parents must not take it for granted.
Art is a doing word it should lift your heart rate
Art is a doing word it should focus your mind
Art is a doing word it should make you sweat.

And so to the future: whether or not you go on to study art, sell art, have exhibitions, win prizes and gain a reputation – you are an artist if you do art. So to all the artists in this room I say Keep Doing Art, because doing art will make you happy.

I promise.



About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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