So now I am a Sculptor

So now I am a sculptor. Who knew?

Steve calls me a polymath (a polymath being a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning) but it seems too lofty a term for the things I do – which seem, inside my head, to all be related. However I will admit to having a science degree and to interior design studies and to being a poet and studying for my masters in writing and literature and to having a local reputation as a collage artist and now, ta da, as a sculptor.


Trying to have a career as an artist or a writer is like riding a bicycle – how far you get depends on how strenuously you pedal and if you stop pedalling, in a very short time the whole thing falls over. Trying to have a career as both an artist and a writer is therefore trying to ride two bicycles at the same time. This is both unwise and hard on the thighs. Now that I am suddenly a sculptor my metaphor is going to get very unwieldy and difficult to steer and if I were you I would step nimbly out of the way before the mad out of control machine runs you over.


Anyway, now I am a sculptor and a whole new road lined with sculpture exhibitions and public art submissions and trips overseas to further my 3D career, lies before me. I guess there is nothing to be lost by venturing down it at least a little way to see where it takes me and maybe, if I can somehow fashion a bench seat across my two careers and possibly attach a small electric motor, I may make it further than the odds would suggest.

Winner of the West Australian Sculpture Scholarship

Winner of the West Australian Sculpture Scholarship




About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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