Burying an Artist is not like Opening an Exhibition

Burying an artist

is not like

opening an exhibition

and yet

here we are invited

to view his life’s work

to marvel at the colour

and the strong unbroken lines

to focus on

extraordinary details

and the strange juxtapositions

only he could have made

and which somehow worked

so perfectly


And we each will take away an image

from this catalogue

in which we see our own likeness

most clearly

and the value of that purchase

which will have increased

upon his passing

will continue to sustain him


We follow behind the coffin

on its wheeled cart

and all the light is harnessed

and all the trees and birds

in careful placement

so that every step becomes a landscape

and every face a portrait

and the handles of three shovels

in each ochre mound of sand

a  counterpoint


The earth drops heavy

onto the wood

it is a thunderscape

his final work

and nothing remains unfinished

except to rinse our hands of pigments

as we leave



About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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