The Sea is Theoretical

This poem has been published in regime 02 a magazine of new writing

The Sea is Theoretical

Some way inland

the sea becomes theoretical

a mad refutable idea

that the land should end in such a way

falling into liquid and into a footless distance

and then that it should be undrinkable

Heretical too

a persistent rumour of gods and monsters

a faint tang revolving around the earth

especially when

your travelling takes you

to where it shines

like a smelting pour on the horizon

and could be heaven

The sea is mythical

until it lies before you

alive and flapping as any injured creature

into which you have thrown your stones

a vast and mucused thing

that in your horror and distress

you spear with a long stick

while it shrinks back

again and again.

so you leave it there

returning inland

as a saviour or a scientist

jabbering like a drooling fool

or holding to your story

weeping salt tears

as evidence

Mikaela Castledine October 2012


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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