Chile 2010

It will take
four years to rebuild
the country
says the President

But the country has already rebuilt itself
in molten minutes
new mountains
new valleys
raw unfinished edges
whole sliding reservoirs of mud

The country has shaken off an old skin
has rolled over
has made waves

It is not the country
but the fragile fabric
we laid upon the surface
that has been destroyed

Tacked lightly to the ground with hammered pins
a carpet craft of weft and weave
on which was built
cities of stick and straw impermanence.

they are broken open
and survivors prise apart
whatever was left intact.
levering away
furniture, washing machines, fridges
hoping the added weight
will hold them steady on the shaking ground


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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3 Responses to Chile 2010

  1. Jingle says:

    wonderful perspective!

  2. Moira says:

    definately cool

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