Deep Sea Shopping

When I take them shopping
Children – on holidays
For those quick list-less
eight items or less trips
It’s like

pushing through some
viscous liquid
between the aisles

When I walk fast
they fan out behind me like tentacles
their voices rising to the surface
in long trails of bubbles

When I stop suddenly or turn back
they swirl and eddy around me
entangling limbs
threatening to drown

The supermarket
is cold and sharp
after the melting heat outside
so their teeth chatter
and they chatter
shrugging their arms inside their shirts
darting about
finless and hard to catch

and the lights and brights and colours
bounce and reflect on their skin
until I think
If it was suddenly dark
they would glow
a brilliant phosphorescent green

like beautiful deep sea things


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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