Two Fruit and Five Veg

Two fruit and five veg per day – for goodness sake is anyone else out there struggling

with this as well?

This WA ad campaign has taken all the fun out of cooking and turned it into a

numbers game. I was absurdly excited last week when I managed to get ten different

vegetables into one chicken pie then stressed over whether the food police would let

me get away with 4.1 serves per day for the rest of the week or if we could have a

vegie free period up our sleeves for when we needed it.

I have also developed a mathematical formula to prove that tomato sauce counts as a

vegetable (just follow the links from tomato to tomato puree and you’ll see what I


I guess the garnish of parsley doesn’t count as it is a herb, but surely the amount of

basil in a pesto should add up to a leafy green, well shouldn’t it?

My meals are all starting to look suspiciously similar with the ubiquitous diced carrot

and frozen peas added like rent-a-crowd, so if you guys could run a few articles on

how much is really enough when it comes to vegetables then I would be eternally


Yours fretfully

Mikaela Castledine

Ps. I have just discovered I am supposed to be pushing three serves of dairy into

them a day as well! Where is it all going to end?


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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