Take after me

My bones were built with need and longing

And I have built you the same

Arms, legs, ribs, skull

Chalky with hunger and desolation

You have my mouth, my hands, my skin

And when you open your eyes to the distance

you see what I see

indistinct shapes

or loneliness

or nothing.

I curl, I cry

You curl and cry

I crawl, you crawl

We hold on, we let go

Your heart will race

Your eyes will be empty

You will cry yourself to sleep

We both are helpless and easily taken

And taken again

Drinking from the bottle marked drink me

And breathing the fumes

Like me you will be a child with a child

with your blood melting

into the sand

If you take after me


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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