Small Balloons

For Dom

Our children are like small balloons

Vulnerable and easily deflated

We blow our breath into them so they can fly

Then tether them tightly with curly ribbon

This, we say, protects them from sharps

And atmospheric pressure

And stops them from flying off the handle

In strong winds

But their flights are short arcs

And the friction can often make your hair stand on end

Some parents find it hard to cut them loose

But we have already untied you

You may have felt a small tug

And a drop in the wind as we held our breaths

To watch as your perfect balance

Of buoyancy and gravity

Took you up to float

Just above us

Full of music and happiness

And every one who sees you there

Smiles and points

And pauses to watch

The progress of your flight

Long after you have passed from their view

September 2008


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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