Say I died young

at 24 at 45 at 69

In full flight – in my prime

with a short fuse

or a long line

Say I died young

with a bellied out

wind filled sail of plans

not a final fling

but a snapped rope

at the high arc of the swing

Say I died young

and left a hole so big

that only gravity can fill

with the low lying mists

of early morning still

in hollows and depressions

or the catch and spill

of your earth filtered tears

Say I died young

but don’t think I didn’t love you

You can say I loved you well

with everything and more to come

But never

that all was said and done

Just say I died young

Say I would have always died young

at 73 or at 98

In my sleep or on my feet

Say only that I died too soon

never that I died too late.

but mark the date

And say I died young.


About Mikaela

I am an artist and writer living in the Perth Hills
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